Erusean Navy carriers throughout the decades

Ahh the Kingdom of Erusea a nation who dreams big only to be crushed by the big players twice but as with other nations I’ve covered their carrier force has varied over the years n the level of Belka so let’s begin

we start Erusea’s carrier aviation in the 1920s with an incomplete normandie class dreadnought battleship converted into a normandie class aircraft carrier which remained their only carrier throughout the 1930s.

in the 40s Erusea really built up its fleet with joffre class aircraft carriers which if you’ve never heard of them, I don’t blame ya I doubt many have so time for a history lesson

The Joffre class aircraft carriers were aircraft carriers planned by the French in the 1930s which solved some problems that normandie class aircraft carrier had such as its aircraft elevators not reaching the hangar deck but the carriers were never finished as ww2 slowed the build and ultimately cancelled by the Nazis when France fell to them in 1940.

However that was real life, in strangereal however given there was some kind of conflict in the 40s of a scale which is unknown than I think Erusea would’ve build them to bolster its naval supremacy against its probable rival North Point who’s carrier force was 0.13 times larger while the rest of the fleet was made up of the Normandie class aircraft carrier and a North Point merchant ship converted into an avenger-class escort aircraft carrier.

As the 50s came to greet us the Erusean navy’s carrier force stayed about the same but changed heavily as the Joffre class aircraft carriers were either sunk during the 40s or survived to be scrapped and replaced by a Verdun class aircraft carrier so time for your 2nd history lesson

The Verdun class was a proposed aircraft carrier under development by France in 1950s for the nuclear strike role as the Clemenceau class aircraft carriers were due to enter service in 1961, according to the specs I found.

The ship would have displaced 45,000 tons with a length of 860 feet and width of 112 feet putting it at an equal tonnage to the US Midway class carriers and the UK cancelled Malta class carriers, her propulsion would have been steam turbines with 4 shafts generating 200,000 shaft horsepower giving her a speed of 33 knots equal to those other 2 carriers I mentioned but her air defense armament would have been made of two masurca surface to air missile batteries and four 3.9 inch dual-purpose guns. The ship was ultimately cancelled in 1961 with the Clemenceau class taking over the role it was designed to do.

In Strangereal Erusea seeing Osea’s Midway class and North Point’s Malta class carriers built the Verdun class to compete so Erusea could challenge North Point for control of the Usean continent.

The rest of the fleet was made up of an ageing Normandie class aircraft carrier and 2 ex-Osean Navy independence class light aircraft carriers.

As the 1960s came in Erusea fleet grew to 6 carriers with the 1 verdun class and the brand new clemenceau class aircraft carriers while the light carrier fleet gained a colossus class light aircraft carrier to replace the obsolete Normandie class aircraft carrier alongside the independence class light aircraft carrier.

we come to 1970s where the Erusean carrier fleet was cut in half with the retirement of the light carrier fleet leaving the verdun class and clemenceau class aircraft carrier which remained throughout the 80s until we come to the 90s

Erusea’s 1990s carrier force grew to four ships consisting of its verdun class, clemenceau class and its new nuclear powered charles de gaulle class aircraft carrier which probably got involved in Usean rebellion and then the Ulysses disaster but things were to change

As the first decade of the 21st century Erusea had likely retired their verdun class and clemenceau class carriers and obtained an osean kitty-hawk class aircraft carriers but when the continental war broke out the verdun and clemenceau class aircraft carriers would have been recommissioned and if they weren’t sunk in the war then would likely get impounded by ISAF then when returned to Erusea they were likely sold for scrap as for charles de gaulle class carrier I suspect it wasn’t returned for years.

We come to 2010s and the Lighthouse War and during the proceeding years Erusea had been rebuilding its fleet with a single admiral kuznetzov class and the charles de gaulle class aircraft carrier although the Kuznetzov carrier the Njord got sunk at snider’s top by an Osean air strike.

We move to our present decade of the 2020s and despite getting it butt handed to it and taking major damage has the charles de gaulle class aircraft carrier as the flagship although given its age of 34 years and the expensive cost of operating a nuclear carrier I think Erusea will decommission the charles de gaulle class aircraft carrier within the next few years and replace it with a single PA2 carrier or as I dub it the Queen Rosanna D’Elise class aircraft carrier, I already explained this ship so i’ll link my Erusean navy 2021 post in this so you can go read that instead

the final ship in the Erusean navy carrier fleet is a single mistral class helicopter carrier converted into a light aircraft carrier but I explained that in the erusean navy 2021 post so the Erusean navy’s fleet was interesting to look through with some interesting ships they had but alas it wasn’t enough to secure their goal of hegemony over Usea.

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