Belka aircraft carriers through time

so after doing the superpowers and North Point which for some reason is inappropriate on the sub-reddit for some reason of which I have no clue so I thought I’d move to Belka the country who fought a war 25 years ago and become an overused meme

I had to rely on scars of Ulysses for carrier information of the 1990s

We start in the 1910s with Belka’s first aircraft carrier the I-class aircraft carrier which was a converted emmerian passenger ship which was scrapped in the 20s.

We come to the 1940s where Belka rapidly grew its navy carrier force with carrier ships made of graf zeppelin class aircraft carrier, passenger ships converted into a jade class aircraft carrier , admiral hipper class cruiser into weser class aircraft carrier, a belkan ocean liner converted into an I-class aircraft carrier and an incomplete erusean cruiser converted into a II-class aircraft carrier.

I shouldn’t be surprised but i suspect Belka bought u-boat attack submarines over surface ships

I wonder if Belka lost this possible 1940s conflict as Osea had more carriers than them but moving on to the 1950s Belka replaced their obsolete carriers with Njord class aircraft carrier which following how carriers are named irl with the first being a name of a class so the Njord is the lead ship of the Njord class aircraft carriers which served until 1995 when it was sunk during the battle of Futuro Canal but where do I see the Belkan carrier fleet going in the future

honestly I have no clue as Belka likely has been under something like the Treaty of Versailles that heavily limits the belkan military for the past 25 years

anyway that’s all for Belka gotta say I’m disappointed for a nation who deployed nukes and the first use of ICBMs I was expecting much more from them

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