Emmerian aircraft carriers through the ages

In the final post of my aircraft carriers through time series

The Republic of Emmeria the nation that fought in a conflict they likely weren’t expecting to be in but still won but like Yuketobania and other nations haven’t been operating carriers as long as North Point or Osea so let’s get started

we begin in the 1940s where I really have to suspect there must have been some kind of global conflict as the Emmerian Navy had a large number of surface ships and submarines which makes me wonder if Emmeria had global superpower ambitions at the time but somehow got crushed.

But I’m only focusing on the aircraft carriers which at this time were five classes made up of Aquila class and Sparviero class aircraft carriers which like most of the earliest aircraft carriers were conversions of other ships such as in Emmeria’s case two ocean liners but Emmeria also had Colossus class and Majestic class light aircraft carriers and Ruler class escort aircraft carriers

As we come to the 1950s the fleet had been reduced to light aircraft carriers the Colossus class and Majestic class light aircraft carriers although when the sixties came by they only had the Colossus class and the Majestic class light aircraft carriers had been decommissioned leaving the Majestic class light aircraft carrier which was retired in 1970 then for the next 15 years Emmeria had no aircraft carriers until 1985 when the Emmerian made Giuseppe Garibaldi class light aircraft carrier was commissioned which was the only carrier in the Emmerian fleet throughout the 1990s until 2004 when the fleet rose to 2 carriers with a single Cavour class light aircraft carrier coming into service.

At some point before the Emmerian-Estovakian War of 2015-2016 Emmeria acquired a Nimitz class aircraft carrier bringing their fleet to three carrier however its up for debate if they had it built for them by their arms supplier Macmillan Heavy Industries or they bought one from Osea in the years before the Emmerian-Estovakian War and assuming all thee class of carrier ships survived the war this would be the fleet they have currently but the Giuseppe Garibaldi class light aircraft carrier scheduled to be replaced in 2022 by a single Trieste class helicopter carrier which will reduce the fleet to two class of carriers

so I hope you all enjoyed this series which I’m a bit sad to see end as Sapin only has three carriers and the Nordlands only a single class of aircraft carrier which sadly ain’t enough to justify a carriers through time post but Aurelia might get one as they’ve only operated four classes of aircraft carriers so I’ll think on it if to do one on Aurelia so watch this space