My Erusean Navy – 2021

I know Erusean navy is a mess but they’d have to rebuild quickly to protect themselves from the threat of General Resources so what would that look like well here’s what I’d think they’d be

To start they’d have two aircraft carriers consisting of a single Queen Rosanna D’Elise class aircraft carrier and Mistral class light aircraft carrier converted from a helicopter carrier now the Queen Rosanna D’Elise class is my fictional name for the cancelled French pa2 aircraft carrier design which was based on the UK’s Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier that was to supplement the Charles De Gaulle class nuclear powered aircraft carrier however multiple budget cuts in late 2000s ultimately lead to the ship being cancelled.

For Erusea on the other hand after the Erusean Military started rebuilding in the early 2010s they announced the ship would be bought although they only bought one and construction started in Nordennavia in 2013 and finished in 2018 with sea trials in early 2019 and the Erusean Navy commissioned the ship in late 2019 although that’s when they ran into a problem of what to call her which the Erusean government politicians couldn’t decide on as the person who would have done it had been killed in the lighthouse war until Crown Princess Rosa Cosette D’Eilse and her Aunt and Erusea’s regent queen Riana D’Elise…

Yes I gave Rosa an Aunt as she’s too young to rule yet and she doesn’t deserve to lose all her family so Riana is Regent Queen until Rosa is old enough to be Erusean Queen anyway back to the carrier.

Rosa and Riana decided to pay a visit to Fort Greys Island to see Rosa’s friend Avril who slipped a name suggestion to Rosa which was the name of Rosa’s late mother Queen Rosanna D’Elise who had sadly passed away from cancer in early 2019.

The 2nd carrier was a converted Mistral class helicopter carrier following the Osean Maritime Defense force’s carrier conversion of two Izumo class helicopter destroyer into light aircraft carriers which serves as Erusea’s light aircraft carrier.

As for the rest of their force is made up of Erusean Royal Navy ships and submarines that had survived the war by being on IUN-PKF operations in Leasath so let’s get started on those.

The first set of surviving ships is the two mistral class helicopter carriers that made up Erusea’s carrier force in its early years of the rebuilding efforts until the pa2 ships was commissioned.

The second set of surviving ships is the six D’Estienne D’Orves-Class Anti-Submarine Corvettes that guarded the Erusean fleet from Leasath submarines while off its coast.

The third surviving ships would be four Horizon class air defense destroyers that would serve as the carrier air defence role for the Erusean fleet.

When it comes to fourth lot of surviving ships are the thirty-one frigates which is made up of the eleven Aquitaine class Air defence frigates with nine Cassard class Air defence frigates along with five La-Fayette class Anti-submarine frigate to back up the anti-submarine corvettes and two Floréal-class frigate and Four Georges-Leygues-class frigates that had originally being slowly phased out although two that were decommissioned before the lighthouse war were recommissioned back into the navy to build up the frigate fleet

As for the fifth surviving ships would be three durance class supply ships that refuel the fleet en-route and serve as the tanker for an Erusean carrier strike group.

The final part of the surface force would be three flamant class gunboats that would serve as Search and Rescue boats for downed aircrews and Erusean fisheries control.

Onto Erusea’s submarine fleet would having mothballed its four SSBN and five SSNs in favour of the Alicorn class Submarine aviation carrier but with the Alicorn now resting in pieces at the bottom of the Spring Sea Erusea will recommission their four Triomphant SSBN submarine and five Rubis and six barracuda class SSNs submarines but loaded their Triomphant class SSBN submarines will conventional warhead equipped ballistic missiles.

As for their naval air arm their combat aircraft will consist of twelve mirage 2000v which is a fictional modification of the mirage 2000-5 using the ideas of the mirage 3v aircraft form the 60s while the bulk of their air wings would be the forty-two Rafale Ms that survived the war.

Moving onto the other aircraft we’ll start with the Anti-Submarine Warfare fleet which likely was destroyed during the war with Osea but Erusea had been planning to replace their ageing Br.1150 Atlantique 2 Anti-Submarine Warfare and Maritime patrol planes with twenty-two Anti-Submarine Warfare and Maritime Patrol A319MPA which would start being delivered in 2020 and finish in 2023 which is when Erusea would finish reorganising its navy.

As for its Electronic Warfare planes well it would retain its fleet of three E-2C and E-2D Hawkeyes while its maritime patrol fleet would have been mostly reduced form five Falcon 20G Guardians, and four Falcon 50M and 50MS Surmars to one of each and two newer Falcon 2000MRAs.

As for its Reconnaissance fleet that would be the job of six Rafale Rs while its trainer force would be made up from four Erusean mirage 2000BV with twelve Rafale B and five unknown nation Emb-121A Xingu 1s multi-engine trainers.

The VIP Transport fleet would be made up of six Erusean Falcon 10MER while its Utility aircraft fleet would have six more Erusean Falcon 10M with five unknown nation Emb-121A1 Xingu 2s

Now to the Navy’s Helicopters which would be made up of surviving equipment mostly such as in the Anti-Submarine Warfare roles which would be filled by six AS565SA and SB Panthers and four Osean made SH-10A Cougar which is the third variant of the Osean H-10A Cougar. Its attack helicopter would served by eight NH-90 Caiman helicopters.

Its Cargo Transport duties would be served by sixteen AS565MA Panthers with its Reconnaissance tasks being fulfilled by the S-100N Serval UAHV.

The Erusean Navy’s Search and Rescue missions would have mostly filled by twelve ex-commercial AS365 Dauphin in the form of six AS365N Dauphin 2, Four AS365N3 Dauphin 2 and two AS365N3+ Dauphin SP3 helicopters with a single EC-225LP Super Puma Mk.2+ for Combat Search and Rescue with Five AS565UA and UB Panthers for Utility roles

I know what you may be thinking isn’t this a little fast to give Erusea a 40 ship and 9 submarine strong nay so soon after losing a war well to me given that General Resources will take advantage of Erusea being weakened so much with a lot of ships lost so to me it made sense to have a load of ships survive so they’d have something to rebuild their fleet with but I don’t think Erusea will be going for superpower ambitions anytime soon if not at all

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