Why I feel its highly unlikely we’ll get a WW2 Ace Combat

I have seen in polls that some want a WW2 Ace Combat Video Game and I know there are a few or some who’d like an Ace Combat game set around WW2 or the 1940s but I have to drop cold water on that for several reasons

To rehash a previous point form my WW1 Post the few jets, weapon options and surviving aircraft would cause problems but this time I think there is more than just this

Side note: as a point I’ll link to a post on a Japanese WW2 plane in the UK https://www.reddit.com/r/acecombat/comments/ktqbuw/uks_rare_japanese_ww2_aircraft/

Next is the matter of Japan’s very messy history of the Imperial Japanese Empire and how it affected the countries Japan invaded and with atrocities that Japan committed back then which I will not name and technically not how sure which countries, it is but there is likely lingering resentment against Japan for the atrocities committed, in fact Germany and Italy go out of their way to make sure that when Germany and Italy were at their worst is not taught and is some things actually illegal to show.

The PA when they used them in AC0 for Belka drawing on Nazi Germany and Erusea apparently drawing on Fascist Italy yeah the writers of those game probably had to be very careful and in today’s climate, Yeah I’d think the PA Team would play safe and not want to risk causing controversy as that’s the last thing they need as it would hurt the game when trying to sell it

Yeah the Sky crawlers is likely the best we’re gonna get as I’ll re-iterate with a comment I made on my ww1 post and I quote: the earliest we’d probably go is the 1950s at best

Why the 50s is the earliest well they’d have jets form that era to look at for the game and have more special weapon options to choose from and they’d not have any controversy risk of Japan’s messy history

Update: I just realised something else the complicated ship classification system in use back then and aircraft role classifications

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