Model Review: Swiss Jet Fighters

Swiss jet fighters

So the Swiss developed their own combat aircraft

N.20 Aigullon

N.20 Aigullon was to have two 20mm HS-804 cannon with sixteen 100ib or two 800ib unguided weapons or thirty-six 87mm rockets or four 30mm HS-825 cannon or in its reconnaissance roll four light bomb K24 Cameras with 500l fuel which must be a reconnaissance system.

FFA P.16

The FFA P.16 was to have two 30mm Hispano-Suiza HS.825 Cannons with 240 rounds or two 30mm Oerlikon KCA Revolver cannons with four under wing hardpoints for 5700ibs with two retractable matra `1000 launcher with 44 68mm sneb unguided rockets.

Had the Swiss built these then odds are the Swiss would never have bought the DH-100 Vampire, DH-112 Venom and Hawker Hunters.

so in regards I really like these as the N.20s looks like a F7U Cutlass although the Rolls Royce Avon probably would have been the better option instead of the Armstrong-Siddeley Mamba Turboprop converted into a Turbofan which was ambitious not powerful enough as was the 1660ibf Sulzer D45 turbojet instead I’d have taken the Hunter F.6’s 11,000ibf Armstrong-Siddeley Sapphire and put it in N.20 Aigullon instead as for the P-16 i do like it as it looks like the learjets as the elements that make up the Lear is well displayed

So this is the last of the model review series, hopefully you all enjoyed it and i’ll see you next time

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